Trulioo acquires no-code orchestration specialist


Trulioo acquired HelloFlow in order to improve its customer experience. HelloFlow is based in Denmark and has developed a platform that allows organizations to create their own custom workflows without needing to write lines of code.

Instead, HelloFlow uses a drag-and-drop interface to speed up the development process. The solution is designed to reduce costs and allow organizations to more quickly set up new customer and employee workflows (including onboarding workflows).

Trulioo, meanwhile, will integrate this technology into its flagship GlobalGateway platform. GlobalGateway is geared towards onboarding and identity verification, and crosses personal information with other sources to ensure it is legitimate. It can also use facial and document recognition to match a selfie to the image of a photo ID.

The goal is to provide organizations with a complete end-to-end identity solution that is both user-friendly and compliant with international Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. The acquisition will enable Trulioo to deliver a unified identity verification and orchestration platform, which in turn will simplify account management and allow customers to create a new workflow in minutes.

The move is part of Trulioo’s broader expansion efforts. The company plans to double its workforce in 2022 and believes that HelloFlow’s presence in Denmark will facilitate access to potential customers in the European market.

“Our ability to verify both businesses and individuals globally, combined with HelloFlow’s advanced orchestration, provides unparalleled capabilities and helps us accelerate an end-to-end identity platform that meets our customers’ ever-changing needs,” said Steve Munford, President and CEO of Trulioo.

“We set out to create a platform that businesses could leverage for digital onboarding, regardless of business size, resources, market or jurisdiction,” added HelloFlow founder Mikkel Skarnager. . “We are excited to join Trulioo and continue the journey of digital innovation and inclusion.”

GlobalGateway was recently licensed for use as online age verification solution in Germany. Trulioo has already provided identity services for a number of European payment institutions, and for several companies in the cryptocurrency space. The company also achieved unicorn status following a Series D funding round back in June.


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