The five best logo design tools in 2019


Achieving business success in this highly competitive digital business world is no easy task. There are many factors that go into making a business known as a successful organization – factors such as the quality of products offered, functionality, and customer support services. Along with these factors, a unique visual identity also plays an important role in the path to success. This unique identity is commonly referred to as a logo.

Logo design plays a central role in business branding and product marketing. Whether you run a small or medium-sized business or large organizations, proper and targeted marketing is important to increase sales and profits. When it comes to branding a product, nothing works more effectively than a well-designed logo. Promoting a product in this hyper-digitized world without a logo is almost impossible.

A logo is the first symbol your customers see, and without a compelling and compelling logo, you can’t build a brand reputation. Whether digital marketplaces or offline marketplaces, a well-designed logo is not just a powerful tool to accelerate the profits of a business and sales rates, but it gives your business instant recognition. This is why many companies pay huge sums and invest a lot of resources and effort to achieve a strong and distinctive visual identity.

Whether you are creating a logo for your website or your new startup, it should be unique and exclusive. Your logo is not only your brand differentiator, but it also highlights your brand’s values ​​and message. There is no better way to communicate than a well-composed logo to convey your values, company culture and message to target audience and potential customers.

In a nutshell, a good logo is an ultimate tool to boost your business’s overall reputation and revenue. However, a well-designed logo comes at a steep price, which is sometimes not a viable option for small to medium-sized businesses and startups. Luckily, there are plenty of cutting edge free logo design tools out there for people who run small businesses and work on tight budgets.

You can find hundreds of logo maker and generator tools that will help you create professional looking logos effortlessly. All you need is a desktop computer and an internet connection, and you’ll be able to design a logo in minutes. The best part about these online software packages and tools is that they are cost effective – no need to appoint a knowledgeable logo designer when you can do it for free.

Filled with plenty of free templates and editor style control, here’s a full assortment of some of the easy to use and free logo makers that will be the highlight of 2019:

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe software packages are widely regarded as the benchmark in image design and manipulation. Filled with hundreds of innovative features and cutting-edge tools, Adobe Illustrator enables you to generate exceptional and professional logo design and layouts.

Apart from that, this software package also includes amazing design and icon options. Adobe Illustrator has a vector graphics editor that ensures your logo design is properly scaled and meets your design requirements. This tool not only allows you to add graphic effects and filters, but its type tools allow you to add text part in your logo design.

Using Adobe Illustrator, you can add texts, filters, and even manage and edit individual design elements to enhance the visual appeal of the design. The particularity of this platform is that it supports OpenType SVG fonts which usually involve various colors, transparencies and multiple gradients. So if you are looking for complete graphics and logo design software, Adobe Illustrator has the solution for all graphics and logo design requirements and demands.

Cloth :

When it comes to online tools and apps, Canva sets the standard for graphic design and logo apps. Canva is not only great for designing logos, its multiple features and tools allow you to design and create high quality banners, cards, posters, invitations and more.

This online app is filled with hundreds of free templates and basic layouts to make the design job easier and simpler for you. This tool includes an online editor that allows users to add and customize each design element and the overall design layout with ease. Just drag and drop the chosen design element into the desired position and once you are done placing the element you can even edit and resize it to add a nice touch to it.

While most of the layouts, elements, and design templates are free, some of them are only available to premium account holders. The best part about this online design tool is that it also has a mobile app which means you can access and edit your design on the go.

Ease of access and great design options and features are some of the main reasons Canva is one of the most used and popular online design tools. Another great feature of Canva includes the availability of an animation tool which is used by many designers and animation video studio on whiteboard to create amazing animated content.


As technology advances and flourishes across all industries, the design industry is no different from this one. With a rapid increase in the demand for AI, it has been integrated into almost all devices and tools. From smartphones to home assistants, everything sounds and works best with AI. Perhaps this is why the joy logo was created, one of the newest and most advanced additions to the design industry.

This AI-powered online design tool lets you create exceptional logos with minimal effort. Just enter the basic information about your brand and choose one of the already designed logos and let the AI-enabled design engine do its work. This design tool is capable of generating hundreds of logo designs relevant to your market and industry niche.

Once the design process is complete, you can use its various editing and styling options to fine-tune your design elements and font styles. Purchased PNG files and vector graphics and logos can be used across all marketing media and platforms.


Widely known for its minimalist logo designs, Logaster allows you to create high quality, crisp logo designs at minimal cost. The low resolution design file is free to download while the high resolution file comes with a subscription. This line design features simple and minimalist design templates and layouts.

The logo design process is relatively straightforward and easy. All you have to do is choose your design template, and once you’ve added the elements, you can change the colors of the elements and layouts. This platform offers unique and innovative logo designs that look great on different platforms and mediums.

Square space:

Commonly known as a website building platform, Squarespace also offers its users a advanced logo design and creation tool. This newly integrated logo maker tool offers a variety of simple and minimalist designs that are perfect for you if you are looking for unique and easy to create logo design options.

The tool also provides you with customizable icons and other options and design elements that you can change according to your design requirements. You can download the logo design in low resolution for free, while the high resolution design is chargeable.


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