TECH5 Provides Biometric and Digital ID Solutions for Ethiopian National ID Pilot Project


The Ethiopian government is launching a new National Identification Program (NIDP) in collaboration with TECH5. The Fayida Identity Management System (IDMS) is now entering a limited pilot phase, during which TECH5 and NIDP Ethiopia will collect biometric information and issue digital IDs to participating citizens.

The program is based on the open source MOSIP platform and takes advantage of a number of different TECH5 solutions. During the pilot project, Ethiopian authorities will collect facial, fingerprint and iris biometrics and then use TECH5’s biometric SDKs to assess the quality of each image. The government will also use the T5-ABIS to ensure that there are no duplicates in the Ethiopian national identity database.

Finally, the T5-IDencode solution has been integrated with MOSIP to allow the government to generate and issue digital IDs to citizens after the registration process is complete. These digital IDs can be printed or stored electronically on a standard smartphone, and checked with a smartphone app in online and offline situations. As a result, IDs can be used as proof of identity (or proof of age) in contexts that have traditionally required a physical ID card.

Entrants will be required to provide basic demographic information (such as name and date of birth) when collecting their biometric information. This data will be stored in Ethiopia’s national identity database, although officials stressed that they only collect the information they need to confirm a person’s identity and citizens retain full ownership. of their personal information. In this regard, the NIDP program is based on the principles of data privacy, minimization and consent.

“This entire program aims to create and implement a foundational digital ID system for Ethiopia at the national level, culminating in the enrollment of millions of consenting individuals under national priority use cases in banking, insurance, education, residential and more,” said NID Executive Director Yodahe Zemichael.

TECH5 fully integrated T5-IDencode with MOSIP in September to better support countries looking to move forward with national ID programs. The Ethiopian program has been trying to develop its own custom MOSIP solution for over a year.

January 20, 2022 – by Eric Weiss


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