Suspected fraudster charged with abusing Japan’s online ID system


Saitama Prefectural Police Headquarters (Mainichi/Takuya Suzuki)

SAITAMA – Saitama Prefectural Police arrested a 41-year-old man on May 16 on suspicion of attempting to open a bank account with a fake ID while using the “eKYC” online identification system, learned the Mainichi Shimbun from an investigative source.

The man from Niigata prefecture in central Japan was arrested on suspicion of attempted fraud, as well as tampering with illicit electromagnetic records and providing counterfeit information. He is specifically accused of entering false personal information online five times in early November 2021, including sending a photo of a fake “My Number” social security and tax card as identification, open an Internet bank account and illegally acquire an ATM. menu.

According to the source, a bank employee became suspicious of the man’s My Number card when he checked the photo he had sent, noticing that the letters printed on the card looked fake and realized that it was falsified. Saitama police had investigated while verifying the information provided by the bank.

Since 2018, online identification has become available in Japan, and eKYC has since been widely used by local governments and financial institutions. It is apparently a rare case of catching illicit use of the eKYC system.

(Japanese original by Ayako Hiramoto, Saitama Office)


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