Scout BGMI ID, stats, monthly earnings and more in 2022


BGMI has become one of the most popular games on mobile. This battle royale title gave the country its own superstars which have become household names.

Tanmay “Scout” Singh is a Professional Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports Player, YouTuber and Content Creator on LOCO. He is a pioneer of the game, popularizing it with his presence in the initial tournaments, during the time when the original appearance of the game, PUBG Mobile, reigned in India.

Scout is an all-rounder who can adapt to any role from flanker and sniper to DMR specialist and assailant. Here’s a look at its BGMI details in 2022.

All about the BGMI Pro Athlete, YouTube Content Creator and Scout Streamer


Each BGMI reader has a distinct identifier that separates it from the others. The scout ID is 5144286984. On the other hand, game names (IGNs) are nicknames by which players are known in the gaming community. The IGN of Scout is TxxSc0utOP (TX means his X Spark Team).

Monthly income

In addition to being the owner and actor of the BGMI esports organization, Team X Spark, Scout is also part of S8UL. However, his main source of income is his YouTube channel, scout, with over 4.25 million the subscribers.

According to Social Blade, Scout wins between $ 3.3K and $ 52.9K per month from YouTube.

BGMI seasonal statistics

These stats in BGMI reflect a player’s performance throughout the season. While Scout primarily spends his time playing Custom Matches in Tournaments and Scrims, he still reached Ace Master level in Classic Mode in Cycle 1 of Season 3.

Scout stats in C1S3 (Image via Krafton)
Scout’s stats in C1S3 (Image via Krafton)

Scout mostly plays classic matches while streaming on YouTube or LOCO. In the current C1S3, the 25-year-old played 179 games and won 25 of them. He helped his team reach the top ten places in 95 matches with a total arrivals of 1474, having an F / D ratio of 8.23.

The average damage 1080.7 and the greatest pity of 2619 in a single match BGMI highlights his brilliant assault skills.

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