Redesigned Truecaller 12 Adds Video Caller ID and Makes Call Recording Free for Everyone


New premium features include call announcements and ghost calls


Truecaller started out as a simple caller ID app in 2009. Over the past few years, it has acquired several new features, such as smart call history, built-in dialer, SMS inbox, payments and the inbox cleaner. It recently reached 300 million monthly active users globally, with 70% of the user base residing in India. Now with version 12 for Android, Truecaller benefits from new and more convenient features, including video caller ID and call recording option for all users.

The update brings a minor overhaul to the app that separates calls and texts into separate tabs as requested by users. One of the main additions to the app is Video Caller ID. This basically allows you to record a short video of about 10 seconds that is played on your friend’s phone when you call them, and you have a choice of templates. This only works if both parties are using the Truecaller app.


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Call recording, which was previously restricted to paid members, will now be available to all platform users with the latest update. The company has clarified that it will display a prompt to users in countries where there is a law prohibiting call recording, although there is no such restriction in India.

There are also a few new features exclusive to Truecaller Gold and Premium subscribers. The app will read the caller’s name so you know whether you should continue to pick it up or ignore it. This will come in handy if you are in another room when your phone starts ringing and also works if you are wearing headphones. There is also a nifty ghost call feature, which could be a nice trick to get out of awkward situations or play pranks. You can set a custom name, number and even profile picture before scheduling the fake call, or just choose one of your contacts.

All of the aforementioned features are now rolling out with Truecaller 12 for Android, starting with India before expanding to other parts of the world in the coming weeks. You can grab the latest version from the Play Store below or from APK Mirror.


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