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Work Disconnection Policy Template

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Employers who employ 25 or more employees under the ESA at January 1, 2022, have until June 2, 2022, have a written disconnection from work policy in place. Beginning in 2023 and in subsequent years, employers who employ 25 or more employees on January 1st must have a written disconnection from work policy before March 1 of this year.

The term “disconnecting from work” is defined in the ESA as meaning not engaging in work-related communications, including emails, phone calls, video calls, or sending or reviewing other messages, and be free to perform the work.

The ESA does not specify what information the employer must include in the policy, nor does it specify that the policy must be of a particular duration. The employer himself determines the content of the policy.

Policy template

  1. The employer acknowledges that employees have the right to disconnect from work and have no obligation to respond to telephone calls, e-mails or messages outside of the hours defined by the terms of the employment contracts. They should not be reprimanded, disciplined or deprived of rights and privileges under the Employment Standards Act for failing to do so.
  2. All employees should be made aware of updates to the right to disconnect policy during the implementation and review stages.

Written policy requirements
The employer can provide the policy to employees as follows:

  • a printed copy
  • an email attachment if the employee can print a copy
  • a link to the online document if the employee has a reasonable ability to access the document and a printer (and knows how to use the computer and printer)

Employers should include the date the policy was prepared and the date any changes were made to the policy.


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