IRS Improves Security of Online Identity Verification Process


The Internal Revenue Service has improved its identity verification and login process to enable more people to securely access and use IRS online tools and applications.

Taxpayers using the new mobile-friendly audit process can access existing IRS online services, such as the Child Tax Credit Update Portal, Online Account, Get a online transcription, obtaining an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) and online payment agreement. Other IRS applications will switch to the new method over the next year.

Identity verification is essential to protect taxpayers and their information. The IRS has worked hard to make improvements in this area, and this new verification process is designed to make IRS online applications as secure as possible for people,” said the IRS Commissioner, Chuck Retig. “To help taxpayers and the tax community, we are improving the accessibility of online tools that help families manage their child tax credit, verify their IRS accounts, and perform other routine tasks securely. in line.”

The new process can reach more people through the expanded use of identity documents and increased assistance from the Taxpayer Help Desk for taxpayers who encounter a problem when trying to verify their identity online. Developed as part of the Secure Access Digital Identity (SADI) initiative, the new process complies with a federal mandate.

To provide verification services, the IRS uses, a trusted technology provider. The new process is one more step the IRS is taking to ensure that taxpayer information is only provided to the person who has the legal right to access the data.

The IRS has also integrated this new account creation process into certain applications used by tax practitioners, including those used to request powers of attorney or authorizations for tax information online using Tax Pro Account or to submit forms 2848 and 8821 online.

Access IRS tools

When accessing the tools listed above, taxpayers will be prompted to log in with an account. People who already have IRS usernames can continue to use their old system credentials to log in until summer 2022, but are encouraged to create an account as soon as possible. Anyone with an existing account on the Child Tax Credit Update Portal or other government agency can log in with their existing credentials.

To verify their identity with, taxpayers must provide a photo of an identity document such as a driver’s license, ID card or passport. They will also have to take a selfie with a smartphone or a computer with a webcam. Once their identity is verified, they can securely access IRS online services.

Taxpayers who need help verifying their identity or submitting a support ticket can visit the IRS help site.


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