Infigo launches “Game Changing” InDesign plugin that cuts template creation time by 80%


After 18 months of development and testing, web to print specialist Infigo has launched its highly anticipated InDesign plugin, Infigo Invent. Described as a “game changer” for web-to-print, this new integration combines InDesign’s design flexibility with end-to-end web-to-print functionality.

This powerful integration gives Infigo users greater design capabilities, especially for dynamic products, while reducing the time it takes to create and migrate PDF templates by up to 80%.

This means that users of Infigo’s web-to-print platform can create and test new products faster than ever. This is why customers who have tested the plugin have described it as “a game changer”.

Disrupting the web-to-print industry
Douglas Gibson, CEO of Infigo, says, “Our whole approach to web-to-print has always been about listening to our customers and developing modules and integrations that make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable. And we know this integration will massively disrupt the web-to-print industry.

“Rather than creating a template in the browser from scratch, you can create it in InDesign and import it seamlessly into your Infigo storefront. design, directly from InDesign.

“This includes variable text fonts and colors, restrictions on element position, form generation, and much more.”

Missing piece of the web-to-print puzzle
Douglas says the enthusiastic feedback from beta testing has reinforced the demand for such an integration.

“The overall answer is that this is a feature that will set the web-to-print industry trend for the next decade. Printers can reduce the time it takes to set up a MegaEdit-ready model by up to 80%. So not only will our users be able to create more dynamic products, but they will also be able to make them available to customers in record time.

“Our goal is to empower our customers to take an entrepreneurial approach to web printing, to respond quickly to industry and societal trends and develop new profitable revenue streams. We believe this is the missing piece of the puzzle the industry has been waiting for. »

Regular updates, based on your feedback
Despite an impressive array of features, the integration, like the entire Infigo platform, will be updated regularly.

Douglas says, “We are always listening to our customers and while we are immensely proud of the integration, we will not rest on our laurels. Along with a suite of additional features we are working on, we want to know what features printers and designers need to improve the entire design and production process.

“In short, we are dedicated to helping print businesses reduce costs, streamline processes and leverage new revenue streams that are simply not possible with many other print platforms. website.”


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