How to see the battery percentage on an iPhone with Face ID


The iOS battery icon in the upper right corner of new iPhone models does not display the exact battery percentage. For this reason, if you have an iPhone with Face ID, like iPhone X, 11, 12, or 13, you might be wondering how to turn on battery percentage.

Surprisingly, despite the reduced size of the notch in the latest iPhone 13 model, iOS 15 offers no way to display the battery percentage next to the icon in the status bar. So here are five quick and easy alternative methods to see your iPhone battery level.

1. Show iPhone battery percentage in Control Center

From the lock screen of your iPhone, the home screen or from an application, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to open the Control Center. Here you will see the exact battery percentage next to the battery icon.

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Please note that if you have iPhone without notch, like iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6 or 5, open Settings > Drums and activate Percentage of battery. Your phone will constantly display the battery percentage in the status bar. Now here is the kicker, the following methods will work for these iPhones as well. So, read on.

The iOS Battery Widget is a convenient way to see the battery percentage of your iPhone and connected accessories, such as AirPods, Apple Watch, and other Bluetooth devices.

Here’s how to add the battery widget to your iPhone home screen.

  1. Press and hold anywhere in an empty area of ​​the home screen.

  2. Press the plus icon (+) from top left.

  3. Scroll down and press Battery.

  4. Drag to choose one of the three widget sizes.

  5. Finally, press Add Widget > Ended.

Add the battery widget to today’s view

Today view is a dedicated section on your iPhone where you can add app widgets. To access the Today view, swipe right from the first home screen or lock screen.

The main advantage of having the battery widget in the Today view is that it lets you know the battery percentage of iPhone and other devices from the lock screen without having to unlock it. ‘device.

To add the battery widget to the iOS Today view, swipe right from the first home screen. Now from the bottom press Edit, press the plus icon (+), and select Battery > Add Widget > Ended.

When you’re on the lock screen, swipe right to see the battery percentage.

3. Ask Siri to tell you the battery percentage

Siri can do a lot on your iPhone, including giving you battery percentage. You’ll find this method especially useful when you can’t watch your iPhone screen, especially if you’ve connected AirPods or other wired / wireless headphones.

Just call Siri and ask “What’s the battery percentage?” »It will show you the remaining battery level of the iPhone. If you want to know the battery percentage of a connected device, say something like “What is the battery percentage of my AirPods?” ”

4. See the battery percentage on the lock screen while charging

You might have figured this one out already, but it’s worth knowing if you’re new to an iPhone. When you connect your iPhone to charge it, it will show the battery percentage. And when your iPhone is locked and charging, wake the device up (by tapping the screen once, pressing the side button, or lifting it up) to see the current battery percentage below the clock.

IPhone lock screen showing battery percentage below the clock

5. Create an iOS shortcut that displays the battery percentage

Now, you have learned four ways to view battery percentage on your iPhone. Finally, here is one last overkill method. It is not for ordinary people but for the curious who like to experiment and customize their iPhone to make it unique.

Here’s how to create your custom iOS shortcut that will show iPhone battery percentage:

  1. Open the Shortcuts and go to My shortcuts, then press the plus icon (+) from top right.

  2. Faucet Add action. Then search Get the battery level and tap on it in the search results to add it.

  3. Press the blue plus icon (+) and search Show notifications. Tap to add it to your shortcut.

  4. Faucet Hi world next to Show notification. The iPhone keyboard will open, and above it you will see a few options. Faucet Battery level.

  5. Now you can remove the Hello World text and replace it with something like “Battery percentage is”. Don’t forget to add a space after “is”. You can also press Show more and turn off Play sound to keep him quiet.

  6. Finally, press the three dots icon (…) from top right. Now give this shortcut a name. After that press Add to Home Screen > Add > Ended > Ended.

  7. You have successfully created the shortcut and added it to the Home screen for quick use. From now on, whenever you want to know the battery percentage, tap the shortcut icon on the home screen and a notification with the iPhone battery percentage will appear.

    Custom iOS shortcut showing iPhone battery percentage

Bonus: How to see the battery level of a lost iPhone

If you misplaced your iPhone, you might want to know the percentage of battery remaining because when your iPhone is on, it becomes easier to locate, lock, and wipe data remotely.

To find out the battery level of your lost iPhone, visit on a computer and sign in with your Apple ID. Then click Find an iPhone > All devices and click on the name of the lost iPhone. Here you will see the battery level of this iPhone.

View Lost iPhone Battery Level Using iCloud Web

You can also do the same from the Find my app on another iPhone or iPad. Just open the app, tap Devices > IPhone name to see the battery level.

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Now you know how to see the battery percentage on your iPhone

These are the five ways to view battery percentage on any iPhone. You should use the ones you are most comfortable with. A tip for people with small hands is to add the battery widget to the top of the screen. Since you don’t need to tap on this widget, it takes the top spot, moving the usable app icons down and making them more accessible.

Finally, if you often struggle to get through the day on a single charge, you should check your battery status and see how to save your iPhone battery.

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