How to Get Custom Free Fire ID Signatures with a Unique Design in May 2022


Like any popular title, Garena Free Fire allows users to make in-game customizations for a more personalized experience. Hence, stylish nicknames and guild names are very popular among gamers as a plethora of name generator websites are available for the same purpose.

Apart from username and guilds, Free Fire players can also get custom identifying signatures (slogans) to display in their game profiles. Moreover, they can use unique and stylish fonts and symbols to their identifying signatures.

Garena Free Fire: Guide to create an ID signature with a unique design (May 2022)

How to create an in-game ID signature (Image via Garena)
How to create an in-game ID signature (Image via Garena)

Garena’s BR shooter allows users to change the ID signature without paying anything (gold or diamonds). Therefore, individuals can personalize their ID signatures multiple times without much hassle.

Readers can also insert special symbols, catchy slogans, hex codes (for different colors), fonts, etc.

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Players can find fonts that may work in-game from YouTube videos and access name generator sites for signature suggestions. They can also generate their desirable slogans or signatures while using the following hex codes for colors:

  • White – FFFFFF
  • Silver – C0C0C0
  • Brown – 800000
  • Blue – 0000FF
  • Purple – 800080
  • Green – 008000
  • Yellow – FFFF00
  • Fuchsia – FF00FF
  • Orange – FFA500
  • Aqua – 00FFFF
  • Red – FF0000
Players can paste the signature in the given box (Image via Garena)
Players can paste the signature in the given box (Image via Garena)

Individuals can use these codes in square brackets in front of the signature they wish to create. Here’s how they can create or modify an ID signature with a unique design in the popular survival shooter:

Step 1: Open the game and tap on the profile icon shown in the lobby to access the Player ID.

2nd step: To make the customizations, users need to stay on the “Gallery” tab, where they can tap the yellow-colored “Settings” icon to open the “Player Info”.

Step 3: They can spot the “Signature” box at the bottom of the “Basic” tab. They can fill in the desired signature and confirm the changes.

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As already mentioned, players can change the ID signature infinitely. However, in the case of nicknames, they must pay 390 diamonds (or 39 diamonds for the name change card).

Note: Free Fire has been banned in India region from Feb 2022. Users can access their ID through the MAX variant.

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