How to create a new model in Notion


The right choice of templates in Notion can make you more productive. Whether you’re working on a team project, scheduling appointments, or tracking finances, having the perfect layout can help you organize your tasks much faster. Notion offers many pre-made templates, but what if none of them work for you? Luckily, Notion lets you create custom templates.

With that in mind, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to create new templates on different platforms.

How to create a new template in Notion on a Windows PC, Mac or Chromebook

Adding your own templates to your PC is quite simple. The starting point for creating the template is to add the template button to your page. Once you insert it, you will be able to design your template according to your preferences. To generate the template button and populate it with your content, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Add the button by pressing the + symbol located in your left margin. Scroll down until you reach the Model Button option. Otherwise, enter /model and knock Enter.
  2. Rename your button using the Button name section.
  3. Start dragging the elements you want to add to your model. You can include text, checkboxes, bullets, titles, or whatever you need. You can even add subpages to your templates and duplicate content by pressing the template button.
  4. When you are done creating, press the Close button in the upper right corner of the window. This will complete your setup and you can now press your template button to access the content you created.

A good example of using your template button to help with content creation is adding items to your to-do lists. For example, you can configure your template button to insert additional checkboxes into your list.

So instead of manually creating checkboxes, you can click on the template button and a checkbox will appear. You can even adjust the position of your new checkboxes. For example, if you place the template button at the top of your list, the new checkbox will appear below it. On the other hand, positioning the template button as the last item in your list will create a checkbox above it.

How to Create a New Model in Notion on an iPhone or Android Device

Unfortunately, you cannot create new templates if you are using Notion on a mobile device. This means that you are limited to built-in templates for your pages.

However, there is still a wide range of templates that you can use that can meet many requirements. For example, the Android version of the Notion app contains the following templates and many more:

  1. Meeting notes
  2. Reading list
  3. Job applications
  4. Course notes
  5. lesson plans
  6. Task lists
  7. Newspaper
  8. Reading list
  9. trip planner
  10. Habit Tracker

How can you modify the content of your template button?

Editing your template’s button-triggered content is pretty straightforward on PCs, too. In fact, it is almost identical to the template button creation process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Hover over the template button and tap the gear symbol to your right.
  2. This will open the configuration options. Make any changes you want, such as adding new items or deleting old ones.
  3. After making your final edit, press the key. Close The button will automatically save the changes you have made.

What other actions can you perform with your template button?

Depending on the nature of your future work, you may need to use your templatebutton data on another page. Also, if you feel like you no longer need your template button, it’s worth knowing how to remove it. Overall, you can access many model button functions as follows:

  1. Hover over the template button and tap the gear symbol to your right. You can also right click the button to see the list of functions.
  2. press the Comment ability to leave feedback on your template button.
  3. press the Copy link option to copy the anchor links to your button and allow you to paste them elsewhere.
  4. press the Duplicate ability to generate a button that will have the same functions as the one you are working on.
  5. press the To move to possibility to move the button to another page.
  6. press the Remove option to remove template button. Think carefully before deleting your button because you will have to create one from scratch to use it again.

How to generate nested content models?

Embedded content refers to the type of content embedded in another element, such as text, an image, or a to-do list. You can create a button template containing nested content as follows:

  1. Design the content you want to duplicate.
  2. Drag content onto a toggle list or page.
  3. Generate your template button and place the toggle list or page in the Model segment of the configuration section.
  4. press the Close and move the template button to any area on the page.

Can you create weekly planners using Notion templates?

Since planning your week is an integral part of your personal and professional life, establishing an appropriate weekly schedule is crucial. Luckily, Notion has the right tool to help you craft the perfect plan. Again, you can do this by customizing your templates. Here’s what you can do to create a weekly planner with Notion:

  1. Generate an empty page.
  2. Create your model by pressing the + symbol and selecting the Model option.
  3. Insert the Start a new day characteristic at the called field Button name.
  4. Insert another page into your template field by accessing the options represented by the + symbol.
  5. On your new page, add the Day (DATE) instead of Untitled. Since this is a template page and not an actual page, anything you insert into it will be duplicated each time you press your template’s button.
  6. Add whatever elements you want to the page, depending on what your days should include. For example, you can choose to show your calendar, notes, and daily tasks.
  7. back to weekly agenda page.
  8. Finally, you can press Start a new day every morning. This will create a template that you can fill with your daily tasks and other items.

Your options are endless

Now that you know how to create new templates in Notion, you don’t have to stick with presets anymore. Adding the template button allows you to modify your workspace in multiple ways. As a result, you can design your templates in a way that will ensure your productivity and efficiency, both professionally and personally. As you get better at creating templates, you’ll begin to discover new ways to organize all your obligations properly and under control.

Have you tried creating new templates in Notion? Have you used them to create custom to-do lists, weekly planners, or something else? How have the custom templates helped you cope with your daily tasks? Let us know in the comments section below.


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