How to Change Your PSN Online ID on PS4 or PC


Want to change your PSN Online ID? Just follow these instructions to get a new PSN name on PlayStation 4 or PC.

Last week, Sony rolled out the long-awaited PSN Online ID Changer feature. With the feature now available on PlayStation 4 and PC, here’s a quick guide that outlines the steps to follow if you decide to change your PSN ID. At this time, you can only change your ID online via a PS4 or web browser; it does not work on PS3 or PlayStation Vita.

How to change your PSN name on PS4

If you’re changing your PSN Online ID from your PS4, just go to the “Settings” menu. From there, select “Account Management”, then “Account Information”, “Profile”, and finally “Online ID“. Once you have selected the feature, you will be able to enter the Online ID you wish to change. It’s so easy!

How to change your PSN name on PC

If you’re using a web browser, simply go to the Sony Entertainment Network website and sign in using your PlayStation Network account. Once logged in, select PSN Profile from the menu, then the “Edit” button which is next to your name. From this page, you can enter the Online ID of your choice.

You should know…

As a reminder, the first online ID change is free; however, each subsequent change will cost $9.99. PlayStation Plus members get a slight discount and only have to pay $4.99 per change.

If you change your name, you’ll still be able to display your old ID next to the new one in your profile for 30 days so your friends can still recognize you.

Although there is no limit to the number of times you can change your ID, it is worth mentioning that not all games are compatible with this feature. Sony has compiled a list of games that have been tested with the feature and specifically noted which games have had issues.

Plus, if you change your name and end up hating it, you can go back to your old ID for free. Moreover, it will be available exclusively for you so that no one else can take your old ID. In addition, if you have changed your online ID several times, you will be able to return to one of the previous ones that you have selected.


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