How to Change Your PS5 Online ID


Did you know you can change your PS5 online ID? Otherwise known as PSN ID? Well, you can!

Sony added this capability later in the PS4 era. So it could have been easy to miss because it wasn’t possible to change your ID on the PS3, and for most of the PS4’s lifecycle it wasn’t possible either.

Why would you want to change your PS5 Online ID? Well for several reasons. Maybe you created the username when you were much younger and now want a username that is more relevant to you at your current age. Maybe you just want something fresh.

Maybe your username was rather inappropriate at one point, and you’ve grown older and wiser, you don’t want to be embarrassed by your choices. Whatever the case, you can change PS5 online ID and it’s not too difficult to do.

In this handy guide, we’ll walk you through how to change your PS5 Online ID so you can be happy with the online character you’ve chosen for your next-gen adventures.

How to Change Your PS5 Online ID

Enter the settings menu

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If you’ve agreed to change your PS5 Online ID, you’ll want to jump straight to the settings menu.

Similar to linking accounts and restoring licenses for purchased content, changing your online ID will start here. the settings The menu can be accessed from the small cog button in the upper right corner of the UI. It’s right next to your profile avatar.

click on it to reveal settings.

Click on the Profile menu under Users and Accounts

Your PS5 online identification options can be found in the profile menu, itself located under users and accounts. Click on profile and you will see options for Name, Online ID, Profile Picture, Avatar, Cover Image, About, and Language.

For future reference, this is where you’ll edit the details of any of these other sections. For now though, click on Online ID.

Before you can change your online ID, you must agree to Sony’s terms. Basically, this is just a list of things you agree to acknowledge regarding the process of changing your online ID.

That being said, don’t skip this screen by just hitting the Accept button immediately. You will want to be careful here.

You can also access profile settings from your current profile

A slightly faster way to access the profile settings menu is from the actual profile screen.

Again, this is not necessarily faster. But if you’re already on your profile screen and want to edit your online ID strikes, you can start from here.

On your PS5 profile, find and click the edit button which should look like a small pencil. After clicking on it, you will see an option to Edit profile. This will take you directly to the profile settings menu in the console settings.

From there, just follow the same steps as above and click Online ID, accept any changes that may occur, and finally choose a new name.

Things to know before changing your PS5 Online ID

If this is your first PlayStation console and you haven’t really taken the plunge and bought anything yet, switch to your heart’s content.

If however you are coming from a PS4 or any other PlayStation system that you have purchases and progress on, make this change with caution.

Sony notes that if you change your PS5 Online ID, you can lose access to a ton of different things. They don’t say you will, they say you can. So you are taking a risk, hence the reason for the I accept button. You assume this risk.

Changing the ID may result in the loss of licenses for your PSN purchases. This includes games, add-on content, premium avatars and anything else you can buy from PlayStation Store.

You may also lose access to saved game progress, leaderboard data, and leaderboards, and some things in games may not work as expected. If you are willing to take the risk of losing some of these elements, proceed with the change. But be aware that by doing so, you will essentially have no recourse if you suddenly lose access to paid content.

The silver lining here is that all PS5 games should support ID changing. Which would mean that your save states, trophies, paid content, and more will be safe. However, not all PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games or content do this. And therein lies the problem.

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Your PS5 Online ID may still appear in some places

Changing your ID will make it visible just about anywhere. But Sony also states that some places will potentially show your old ID.

Keep this in mind in case you share your gaming exploits or tell someone to search for your stuff. As they may fall on your old identity card.


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