Google Play services now allow you to remove your advertising ID


Update 2 (9/16/2021 at 1:44 p.m. ET): You can now delete your advertising ID in Google Play services. Click here for more information. The article, as published on June 3, 2021, is kept below.

Previous updates

Update 1 (07/28/2021 at 4:49 p.m. ET): Google shared an image that shows what removing your Advertising ID looks like in Google Play Services settings on Android 12, and they also revealed a new App Set ID SDK for developers. Click here for more information.

Google Play services generate an advertising ID for all users who opt for ad personalization. This ID not only helps Google serve relevant ads to users, but it is also useful for analysis and fraud prevention. When you turn off ad personalization on your account, Google will stop using your Advertising ID to serve personalized ads, but will still keep it for other purposes. However, that should change soon.

Currently, you can opt out of personalized ads by going to Settings> Google> Ads or Settings> Privacy> Advanced> Ads on your Android device. Once done, Google Play Services will stop sending personalized ad recommendations to your device, but apps on your phone will still be able to see the Ad ID. But a recent update on the Play Console help page reveals that Google Play services will soon remove the advertising ID when you opt out of interest-based advertising. The update states: “From the end of 2021, when a user opt-out of interest-based advertising or ad personalization, the ad ID will not be available. You will receive a string of zeros in place of the identifier.

Once this change is uploaded, apps on your phone will see a string of zeros instead of your ad ID if you turn off personalized ads. Google Play Services also alerts all apps that have access to your Advertising ID and associated data, so any existing data can be deleted. In a review shared by the developer kdrag0n, Google further reveals that “This phased rollout of Google Play services will affect apps running on Android 12 devices from the end of 2021 and will expand to apps running on devices that support Google Play in early 2022. In July, we will deliver more details and an alternative solution to support the essentials. use cases such as fraud analysis and prevention.

At the moment, we have no information on the alternative solution that Google will introduce for analysis and fraud prevention. We’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

Thanks to the developer kdrag0n for the tip!

Update 1: More details shared during the July 2021 policy update

In the company’s latest PolicyBytes video outlining upcoming policy changes on Google Play, Google shared more details about what happens to the Ad ID and its replacement for analysis and fraud prevention.

For starters, Google showed off what the option to remove your Advertising ID will look like, a feature that will roll out to 12 Android devices through an update to Google Play Services later this year.

Delete your advertising ID on Android 12

The company also updated its Ad ID support page with new information. For all developers who need to be notified when a user removes their Advertising ID, Google allows you to sign up for the notification system here. Google also says that apps updating their target API level to 31 will need to declare the following permission in their manifest to query the ad ID:

Some SDKs may already declare this permission, but it should be noted that the family policy prohibits the use of the advertising identifier. In this case, you should prevent the authorization from merging into your app by including this element in your manifest:

Next, Google shared some details on the alternative solution for essential use cases like fraud analysis and prevention. Known as the App Set ID, this ID is a unique identifier for all apps by the same developer on the device. Google calls this a “privacy-friendly option” for correlating usage or actions across a set of apps owned by your organization, and it must not be used for ad personalization or ad measurement, be logged in to any Android ID or personal and sensitive data for advertising purposes, and its collection should be disclosed to the user in a “legally adequate privacy notice,” including your privacy policy “.

Application Set ID SDK

The App Set ID SDK will return a unique ID to the calling app itself if the app was installed from a source other than Google Play, if Google Play services didn’t could determine an app’s developer account or whether the app was installed on a device without Play Services installed. The application set ID is cleared automatically if the API has not been viewed by the application group sharing the same ID for more than 13 months, if the last application in an application set given is uninstalled or if the user resets the device to the factory. The developer preview for this feature is now live, although Google warns that due to the potential for changes, the App Set Identifier API should not be used in production apps.

For more information, read the full Developer Program policy update announced today or watch the “PolicyBytes” video embedded below which summarizes the most significant changes.

Update 2: being deployed

Google Play Services are now deploying the ability to remove Advertising ID from your device, provided your device is running Android 12. One of our tipsters, @ panduu221 on Twitter, told us he now has this feature. functionality. We checked our own Android 12 device and confirmed that the new ‘remove ad ID’ page is now visible. The deployment of this feature is likely controlled by a server-side flag, but for what it’s worth, our device has version 21.36.14 of the Google Play Services app.


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