Google Phone Caller ID Announcement Feature Slipped For Some Users


Earlier this year, the Google Phone app received the Caller ID Announcement feature. When activated, the device announces the name and phone number of incoming calls.

However, many users report that after a recent update the Caller ID announcement is faulty or not working properly (1, 2, 3, 4).

Google Phone Caller ID Announcement Function Is Defective For Some

The Caller ID announcement feature is particularly useful for the visually impaired. But, it can be used by anyone to ignore unwanted calls without having to touch the phone.

That said, after the Google Phone update, users reportedly received random placement words instead of name and number on an incoming call.

Hi team,

After recent update or google phone app it is not working properly.
Caller ID announcement is on – When someone calls I get something like less than, greater than, interpreter, space, contact name.
I had tried clearing the cache, app data, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but still faced the problem.
Please check.

Thank you

As the report points out, neither clearing the cache nor the data from the Google Phone app will solve the problem. Thus, everything indicates that the bug is related to the last update that the application received.

Not only the Google Pixels are affected by the bug

For a long time, many phones from other brands (not Pixel phones) have integrated the app on their devices, even though they use a custom interface.

Reports from users of devices from other brands (such as Realme) indicate that the latest Google Phone update also brought bugs, although they can be presented in different ways.

For example, in this case, the Caller ID announcement rings only on one side (on phones with stereo speakers).

Hello, I was using the realme 7 pro device. In the previous version of the Google Phone app, the Caller ID announcement was announced in both speakers (ear / bottom) of my device’s recycle bin, but after the last update, only the ear side speaker was working properly, the bottom speaker was ringing the ringer only, as I have reset my device several times and I think my device settings have been changed, but I have wrong to face the same problem even after resetting the device, and I also checked the same issue with my friends’ device too, so I think this is some kind of bug, so if it is please solve or fix it ASAP.

Google is already aware, problem under investigation

A Google product expert has confirmed that the company is aware of the reports. And recommend that affected users continue to send feedback to help developers resolve the issue.

This issue has already been reported to developers and is under investigation. I would also recommend sending comments. It can further help engineers with information to determine and find a fix.

You can leave feedback for developers, from within the Google Phone app, by tapping the vertical ellipses (⁝) in the upper right corner, then selecting Help & Feedback, then Submit Feedback.


Finally, there is still no estimated date for the arrival of a bug fix. If there are new developments in this regard, we will update this article. So stay tuned.

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