Get the V badge for Free Fire ID in India (June 2022), find out how here


The Free Fire community was drawn to the V badge, an in-game collectible.

The V badge gives users a sense of distinction.

Users have often noticed this badge on the profiles of many content creators, streamers, and other popular personalities.

According to the Free Fire OB25 update patch notes, players are rewarded with the V badge after joining the game’s official partner program.

However, players often find it difficult to enter the same way as it is not easy and requires them to meet the requirements set by the developer.

Check the section below on how to get the V badge on Free Fire IDs in India:

Free Fire Guide: How to get V badge on Free Fire IDs in India?

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To earn the V badge, players must become members of the game’s official partner program.

According to the website, participants must meet the following criteria:

1. Dynamic channels that have over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

2. Creators with 80% Free Fire content and 3,00,000 channel views in the last 30 days.

3. YouTubers with consistency in social media activity and content quality.

4. Entrants must upload clean, non-offensive and engaging content.

5. Players must also demonstrate professionalism and a willingness to work hard.

6. Individuals must possess a passion for the game and the drive to succeed together.

If people meet these requirements, they can submit an application to join the partner program and get the V badge on their Free Fire credentials.

However, there is no guarantee of acceptance into the program as there is an internal assessment procedure and only the best candidates are selected.

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However, users can apply as there are many benefits up for grabs if they become a member, as Garena revealed:

1. In-game rewards, personalized room card and diamonds

2. Financial compensation

3. Advanced Access to Content and Official Observer Client

4. Free Fire Social Media Feature

5. Codes for gifts

6. Communication with the game team

7. Invitations to tournaments and other esports events

8. Exclusive Goods

How do I apply for the V Badge Partner Program?

Players must complete a form if they wish to participate in the partner program and obtain the V badge.

It will ask them to enter information such as their name, address, channel details (name, link, number of subscribers) and more.

Steps to access the form:

Step 1: Users should visit the official Partner Program website on their devices.

2nd step: Individuals will need to tap on the “Apply Now” option displayed on their screens.

Step 3: They will be redirected to the Google Form, where all details must be entered accurately.

Step 4: They can then submit the form to complete the application.

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