Fire Emblem Heroes’ Ongoing Story Could Serve as a Model for Three Houses’ Successor


Despite complaints filed against fire emblem for his representation in Super Smash Bros., Intelligent Systems’ tactical RPGs have grown big enough to warrant some of this increased attention. Fire Emblem: The Burning Blade on Game Boy Advance was the first title to be released outside of Japan in 2003. After steadily declining sales, the franchise enjoyed a resurgence with Fire Emblem Awakening in 2012. It exploded in the years that followed, with an example of the series’ mainstream status being Fire Emblem Heroes.


Hero is a mobile gacha game released in 2017 that acts as a celebration for the franchise, adding characters from every title over its 30-year history, including spin-offs like the Shin Megami Tensei crossing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. While much of the fun comes from mixing and matching characters fans know and love, Fire Emblem Heroes also has its own narrative told through contained “Books”. Given how much the game has grown while remaining popular over the past four years, it would make sense for Intelligent Systems to try a similar long-term approach in any game after 2019. Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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The evolutionary history of Fire Emblem Heroes so far

Fire Emblem Heroes

The first book in Fire Emblem Heroes acted more as an introduction to how his crossover ideas would work. A self-inserted player character is summoned to the land of Askr and joins its Order of Heroes (an expanding military troop similar to organizations like the Shepherds in Awakening). Serving as a tactician and summoner, able to summon new heroes using the divine relic Breidablik powered by Hero‘ the premium currency Orbs, the player helps fend off Askr’s rival Embla as he makes contracts with different characters and attempts to close portals to other worlds.

Although not the deepest story, Askr and Embla refer to the first two humans in Norse mythology. Fire Emblem HeroesThe continent of Zenith later expanded to encompass more of the Nine Kingdoms and other aspects of this mythology. Book 2 centered on a conflict between the icy Nifl and the fiery Muspell, Book 3 took the heroes to the underworld of Hel, Book 4 featured fae spirits of good and bad dreams from Ljosalfheimr and Dokkalfheimr, and the Book 5 had characters in mech suits from Nidavellir and Jotunheimr.

Book 6 was unveiled in a Feh Channel update on December 5, 2021 and seems to rule things with a story centered around the conflict between Askr and Embla once again. The lords of each nation developed over the course of Hero‘ books, pushed in certain directions by recurring antagonists like the gods Thorr and Loki. Now Book 6 will delve deeper into the lore of their homelands via the introduction of Ash and Elm, servants of the great dragons Askr and Embla, respectively.

The smart systems approach to heroes is very successful

Fire Emblem Heroes Book III

All things considered, Intelligent Systems had a great idea on how to handle the “live service” element of Fire Emblem Heroes. Not only are batches of new characters introduced over time (along with holiday or alternate costume events), but they support the ongoing narrative as forces under the control of any existing major villain for a particular book. New characters can drop every few weeks to keep players hooked by summoning their favorites using the microtransaction currency, allowing the story to advance at a steady pace.

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Fire Emblem Heroes‘ success speaks for itself. Mobile market analyst Sensor Tower reported that Nintendo mobile games (excluding Pokemon GO) hit $1 billion in January 2020, and well over half of that was accrued by Hero – about 656 million dollars. Compared to the lowest contributor Dr. Mario World, who had only raised $4.8 million at the time, it’s no wonder Hero still going strong nearly five years but Dr. Mario World close after two hours.

Next Fire Emblem Could Follow Heroes’ Lead

fire emblem heroes book 5 promo art

While this successful continuous format is something smart systems could bring to Three Houses‘ followed, there are several reasons why this wouldn’t translate perfectly. A casual mobile game has a far greater reach than any console, and its streamlined mechanics make it easy to add new content over time. It’s also hard to say if the gacha mechanic would work well in a strategic setting. fire emblem game the same way it does for titles like Genshin Impact.

However, the next fire emblem the game could experiment with extending its narrative using post-launch expansions. Three Houses tested the waters by adding the Ashen Wolves campaign as DLC, but it was another path in the same story rather than a continuation. Yes Fire Emblem Heroes is able to develop a rich world based on Norse mythology over the course of several years, Intelligent Systems should be able to do the same using a more developed story and a smaller cast. One of the biggest problems with HeroThe story is that each book should stand on its own as new content for players at any point in their journey, which means major characters like Princess Fjorm of Nifl hardly appear beyond secondary content after the book 2.

Taking a more defined cast than those in a mobile game and letting them continue to grow or face challenges after the main adventure would go a long way for their development. Intelligent Systems is often criticized for some characters being more superficial than others, as well as for its slow march toward inclusivity with things like same-sex relationships. Having more after the main story would provide additional wiggle room to flesh out everyone more, or introduce others that fit a given niche without them being footnotes. Fire Emblem Heroes‘ The books are a good model to build on and could potentially help the next fire emblem live game for years by itself.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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