Engineers Adopt Powerful New Design Tools, Software, In Race For Complexity


Network of software, design and engineering professionals in Silicon Valley April 7-9 at the 20th Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES).

The technological challenge they are facing? Keeping up with the increasing complexity of the design of end products. Some trends: mechanical designs are more complex; electronic designs with complex software; and high-level system designs that tax simulation and modeling techniques.

To maintain the software engineering ecosystem, new tools must be adopted. Elizabeth Baron, Director of Immersionary Enterprises, LLC, Monday night speaker, will explore the capabilities of one of these new approaches: how reality-based immersive visualization tools are used to create a more collaborative engineering process.

Other topics include a presentation by Paul Maher, Managing Director, Industry Experiences, Cloud + AI at Microsoft. Its subject is the evolving workshop “What does the manufacturer of the future look like?” “

It should also be noted that the CEO / Founder of IntrinSIM is addressing the topic “Advancing the Simulation Revolution” and Jay Vleerschhouwer, Research Analyst at Griffin Securities, will present “A Brief View from Wall Street”.

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