[eBook] The ultimate security presentation template for management


Are you a CISO, CIO or CIO?

In your role, you are responsible for breach protection, which means overseeing and directing the process of designing, building, maintaining, and continually improving your organization’s security program.

But getting executive buy-in can be difficult when dealing with a non-technical audience.

In addition to managing your organization’s 24/7 breach protection activity, you need to find the time to determine how to effectively articulate the risks, potential impacts, and appropriate steps needed in a compelling way. management to invest in the resources necessary to keep your organization safe.

Added to this is the fact that while you focus on things like malware, exploits, and network traffic, your leadership is mostly concerned with operational losses and calculated risk.

How do you bridge the gap and help management understand your priorities and your team’s business impact?

You need to identify the most important security issues, translate that information, and present it in a way that is accessible to those unfamiliar with cybersecurity.

Fortunately, there is a template for this.

the Ultimate Security Presentation Template for Management follows the commonly accepted NIST General Cybersecurity Framework and includes open-ended sections that must be completed based on each organization’s unique security state.

This template will help you:

  • Transform the concept of cybersecurity from a vague risk into concrete action items. Map and measure the potential consequences of cyber events for personnel needed to protect your organization from significant loss due to a breach.
  • Create a common language to make security needs understandable across the pillars of the NIST framework – identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.
  • Change the perception of cybersecurity as a budgetary issue into an ongoing strategic journey that requires long-term planning.
  • Introduce actionable metrics to measure the current state and future progress of your security program. Effectively explain set goals, how they are achieved, and create a structure to present ongoing updates on progress and performance.

The Ultimate Security for Management presentation template is tailor-made for anyone who invests effort in achieving organizational security and strives to communicate its true value.

Download the Ultimate Security Presentation Template for Management here.


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