Designing the new model of TR & Wellness – People Matters


  • When:
    Friday, November 19, 2021 from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. SGT
  • Site:
    In line
  • Who should be present:
    Sr. HR Leaders (Director, VP, AVP, GM-HR) C&B, reward, well-being, employees Exp & Engagement Leaders

Modern economies have undergone profound structural changes marked by increased complexity and volatility. At the same time, human sensitivities have also evolved, causing a reconfiguration of rewards and compensation that harmoniously meets the ever-changing expectations of employees. A large number of professionals, feeling alienated and many of them in mourning over the pandemic, have either quit their jobs or plan to do so in the next few months, a phenomenon revealingly captured as of Great Attrition. This phenomenon of employees considering quitting, even as economies around the world are poised to rebound strongly from the pandemic, should worry companies.

A standard response to people leaving their jobs has been an increase in monetary compensation. Yet, as might be expected, this did not stem the tide of resignations, underscoring the great disconnect between employers and employees. Clearly, organizations need a new model of total rewards and well-being that aligns with new employee expectations and priorities. But how can talents, rewards, and wellness leaders rethink strategies to reflect the sensitivities, values, and priorities that should dominate the post-pandemic work ecosystem?

To explore the possibilities and reflect on Great Connection – a new rewards model for the new standard that aligns business and employee expectations, People Matters Total Rewards and Wellness Conclave 2021 bring together talent leaders, rewards and experts in good -being from all over the world. As a prelude to the event, these leaders come together to discuss and debate on Twitter to explore how to solve the challenge of Great Disconnect and move towards creating a healthier and happier workplace.


  1. What triggers the great disconnect between employees and employers?
  2. What are the key elements that can help bridge the gap between business and employee expectations?
  3. What are some examples of new benefits and initiatives that are now part of the Total Rewards strategy and challenge the status quo?
  4. How can technology help organizations synchronize with new employee expectations and priorities?
  5. What is the big change in the Total Rewards and Wellness space that you are most passionate about?

To participate in this Tweetchat, please use the hashtag #PMTRWC on Twitter and tweet your answers to the corresponding question number (e.g. Q1 / A1)



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