Cerence Studio Provides Automotive Manufacturers with Advanced Voice Assistant Design Tools


Developer Car AI Cerence has added a new tool for creating automotive voice assistants called Cerence Studio. Latest addition to Cerence’s recent rapid service rollout gives automakers greater access to Cerence technology for a higher level of customization than ever before

Under the hood

Cerence Studio opens up Cerence’s natural language understanding (NLU) and conversational technology to developers in automotive companies. They can use the tools to create voice assistants from the ground up that can hold conversations and execute commands as they travel. Since automakers can use the NLU engine directly, they can customize it more directly for their particular brand and adjust its capabilities as they see fit. For example, a driver in a car with a voice assistant built using Cerence Studio does not have to request to switch to specific entertainment or information services. They can just ask for some sort of audio to play or directions to a location, and the platform handles the transition. The platform even comes with development tutorials for teams who aren’t sure how best to code an order they want to include in the wizard. The automaker can also add or update wireless features to keep the voice assistant up to date. Notably, the manufacturer can choose for the voice assistant to speak one of more than 25 languages, and the voice assistant lexicon can expand with other feature updates.

“As the world’s leading provider of in-vehicle voice assistants, Cerence puts decades of industry experience and innovation within a developer’s reach with Cerence Studio,” said Stefan Ortmanns, Executive Vice President and Director general of Cerence’s commodities, in a statement. “By leveraging our in-depth expertise, we give OEMs the ability to create highly specialized and customizable domains for their brand – whether it’s creating chatbots, jokes and games, or even the car – which deliver the brand experience they are looking for to stand out. of their competition.

Map the voices of cars

Over 60% of drivers who have used a voice assistant report its presence as a factor in purchasing a car according to Voicebot’s 2020 In-Car Voice Assistant Adoption Report, with 13% saying it is This is an important consideration. And those percentages may increase as the number of people in the United States using voice technology while driving increases. Between fall 2018 and early 2020, drivers with voice assistants grew from around 114 million to almost 130 million. Finding ways to stand out in terms of a voice assistant will likely be a bigger part of automakers’ plans in response, and Cerence wants to be the go-to partner for those companies.

In some cases that might mean Cerence Studio, but the company isn’t just limited to automakers with the resources to do detailed customization. That’s why she launched the Cerence ARK assistant in May. ARK Assistant is designed to be turnkey, with minimal adjustments needed to allow automakers to include a voice assistant in their vehicles. Likewise, Cerence’s Cognitive Arbitrator enables automakers to offer multiple voice assistants available simultaneously in a car, while the Cerence UX Services analytics platform enables them to better understand how customers use the voice assistant in the car. , and the My Car My Voice product completely changes the ability to personalize the voice of car voice assistants for the consumer. Cerence already supports voice assistants in around 35 million cars, but new partnerships with Audi and Fiat could push Cerence even further than analysts’ revenue expectations.

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