BMW Motorrad R9T iD: 2 styled for the Gen-Z uses matte black to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bike!


A true testament to the BMW Motorrad brand, this is the R9T iD: 2 – based on the iconic R nineT which is an example of classic motorcycle construction combined with sublime craftsmanship – everything is ready to spin the wheels. eyes.

The BMW Motorrad concept imagined by Jeroen Claus, design director at FRANK Industrial Design, this racing beast shaves the big muscle (nothing demeaning though) for a more elegant look suitable for Gen-Z riders. As Jeroen himself defines it as a custom BMW R9T Coupe motorcycle design. The side fenders flow out the front of the bike, covering the headlight section, giving it a stealth bomber personality.

The original BMW R nine T has a slightly exposed side profile to show off the intimidating firepower inside. This remake however drapes part of it with the side body kit which integrates elegantly with the aerodynamic construction of the bike. Where the bicycle saddle ends at the rear, there is a particular set of lights just above the brake lights. This is most likely to add another section of brake lights to attract the attention of motorists behind on a busy highway. The old-fashioned tachometer display gives way to a more modern digital display, and Jeroen flattened the fuel tank area to go with the thinner theme.

The sleek profile of the R9T iD: 2 flows in balanced proportions from front to back with an almost bold aesthetic that young riders will take note of. The sexy body is matched with the perfectly adjusted color balance in black, gray and blue tones. And of course the shiny metal rod frame on the sides to protect the shell from damage. Add to that premium personality, the BMW Motorrad and R9T Aero brands, and we have a machine that car enthusiasts will love from the bottom of their hearts!

Creator: Jeroen Claus

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