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Your Apple iPhone will unlock soon even if you are wearing a mask. Coming soon, if you want to wait for the final iOS 15.4 software release in the next few weeks. But for now, if you’re feeling brave enough to try out the iOS 15 public beta, which is out now. Still, iOS 15.4 will bring a lot of new features and functionality, as you wouldn’t normally associate it with periodic updates.

That’s what’s on the menu. Universal control if you have an iPad, all third-party apps taking advantage of ProMotion 120Hz display, custom email domains in iCloud, Emoji Pack 14, adding notes to iCloud Keychain passwords, updates Shortcuts app automations, text scanning in Notes and Reminders app, plus Face ID upgrade which now works well with face masks.

The way Face ID, the facial recognition feature of iPhones, works is that it uses the TrueDepth camera looking at you to match your face to the face you registered when setting up facial recognition on your new iPhone. It will deploy an infrared project of thousands of invisible dots on the face of the person trying to unlock the iPhone to analyze and match facial features as well as depth. Until now, anything that blocks the view of your full face would mean that Face ID wouldn’t complete the authentication.

The update with iOS 15.4 will be that if you’re wearing a face mask Face ID would understand that and instead of relying on mapping your whole face it will instead rely on the new periocular method to focus on your eyes and the area around it. The only limitation here would be that this option should work on iPhone 12 series and newer iPhones i.e. Apple A14 Bionic processors and newer. Incidentally, the iPad Pro won’t get that versatility, just yet.

Apple has always claimed that the error rate for Face ID accidentally unlocking the iPhone with an incorrect match is 1 in 1,000,000. We don’t yet know if that will change once the Face ID with Mask feature finally rolls out. . That said, the feature itself is still in testing (although close to final stages) and there may be tweaks and improvements in upcoming iOS 15.4 betas, before the final software is available. .

Third-party apps on your iPhone 13 Pro models will start to look much better if 120Hz refresh rate support is rolled out as expected. Tasks such as scrolling, viewing media, and transitions will be much smoother.

The Universal Control feature, part of the iPad OS 15.4 beta for the iPad family, will introduce the long-awaited multitasking upgrade. You’ll be able to keep your Mac (any Mac, be it MacBook or iMac, as long as it’s running macOS Monterey 12.3 beta) and iPad next to each other and use both as extensions. each other. The Mac keyboard and mouse, for example, can also control the iPad interface. Moving apps will be easier and faster, while file transfers will be instantaneous.

Universal Control has been delayed for a while now, and considering it’s a rather unique solution, it’s no surprise that Apple has taken its time tweaking the performance. Once available, this will be the immediate answer to a question asked by many – how do I use multiple devices such as my iMac, MacBook and iPad together for my workflow? Keeping them side by side and using them simultaneously is the answer, which will be rolled out in the coming weeks.


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