Amazon Connect Gets Three New Features, Including Voice ID Authentication


At the Enterprise Connect conference, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced three new features, including Voice ID authentication for Amazon Connect, a highly scalable and cost-effective omnichannel cloud contact center solution.

Amazon Connect is not only simple to set up and use, but also cost-effective, as businesses only have to pay for the time agents actually interact with customers.

Below are the three new features announced for Amazon Connect:

Amazon Connect voice ID

Amazon Connect Voice ID leverages machine learning to provide real-time caller authentication and fraud risk detection to make voice interactions faster and more secure. It analyzes the unique voice characteristics of the caller (e.g. rhythm, tone, and tone) and operator network metadata to provide agents and self-service interactive voice response (IVR) systems with self-service decision-making. real time on the identity of the caller.

Amazon Connect Voice ID also allows businesses to create a personalized watchlist for fraudulent actors, reducing potential losses from fraudulent attacks and securing contact center operations.

Amazon Connect Wisdom

Amazon Connect Wisdom provides agents with access to a wide variety of product and service information, reducing the time spent searching for answers. It connects relevant knowledge repositories with built-in connectors for third-party applications like Salesforce and ServiceNow, as well as internal wikis, FAQ stores, and file shares to help them find answers and quickly resolve customer issues. clients.

Leveraging Contact Lens real-time voice analysis and natural language processing (NLP) for Amazon Connect, Wisdom detects customer issues during calls, then provides recommendations and responses to agents.

High volume outgoing communications

Amazon Connect’s high-volume outbound communications for call, text, and email provide organizations with a simple, integrated, and cost-effective way to reach millions of customers daily for communications such as marketing promotions, callbacks, appointments and upcoming delivery notifications without having to integrate third parties. party tools.

Communication capabilities include a predictive dialer that automatically calls customers from a list, but limits the range based on agent availability. It also uses a machine learning model to distinguish between a live customer, voicemail greeting, or busy signal to increase agent efficiency by ensuring that agents do not hang around. connect only to a live client.

Amazon Connect high-volume outbound capability now previewed in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (London) AWS Regions


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