AIS launches online identity checks


AIS begins online identity checks

The service allows anyone to verify

A woman demonstrates how to use an AIS kiosk to perform online identity self-verification.

Advanced Info Service (AIS), the country’s largest mobile operator in terms of subscribers, has launched an online identity self-verification service to make it easier to sign up for financial services.

AIS works with National Digital ID Co (NDID), the creator of a platform to verify digital identity, for the service.

Kiatnakin Phatra Bank (KKPB) is the first financial institute that worked with AIS to enable customers to digitally verify themselves to open a deposit account without going to a bank branch.

Even people who are not AIS customers can use the service, which can be performed for free at AIS smart kiosks at branches across the country.

The service is expected to expand to all Telewiz branches and participating AIS Buddy branches next year, AIS said.

“AIS is a digital life service provider, providing both digital infrastructure and comprehensive digital services that are easy to access for any country in Thailand,” said Pratthana Leelapanang, Head of Client Affairs at AIS.

“We are poised to provide online identity self-verification, becoming the first mobile network to be an identity provider, which is expected to increase opportunities, convenience and access to all categories of financial services. . “

Mr. Pratthana said AIS is keen to extend the collaboration on the service to other financial institutes.

NDID Chief Executive Officer Boonsun Prasitsumrit said the company provides a central platform for digital self-validation and verification, where members from many industries provide the services through data exchange.

The partnership with AIS will increase the channels for people to access digital self-verification, which is expected to “continuously expand and extend the reach of customer service through NDID’s digital self-verification,” said he declared.

KKPB Chairman Philip Chen Chong Tan said the bank traditionally required a strict verification process at a branch before an account could be opened.

“Self-verification offers our customers an alternative when opening an account, without requiring a trip to the bank,” Mr. Tan said.

“Customers only need their IDs for verification at AIS kiosks and the bank can verify and validate their identity. This development should make future online transactions faster and more convenient, while maintaining high security standards. “


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